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I took the wheels off of my bicycle.

May I please be excused for a minute?

My keys are gone.


He forestalled everybody in accomplishing.

Oddly enough, he insisted on his innocence.

Help me to understand.

She married her high school sweetheart.

Next month it'll be five years since he began playing the violin.


I can't tell you how much I've missed you.

I have to leave again.

Hy gladly accepted Kirk's gift.

How happy I am!

The movie was a big draw at the box office.


You'll all die.

You're a victim of the system.

The better you get to know her, the more you'll like her.

She watches TV constantly.

The friend educates the friend.

You know I'm not coming back, right?

Omar couldn't shake the feeling that Leila was hiding something from him.

What a glorious fall day. This is what they mean by the lovely weather you get after a storm.

Don't pick up that phone.


I like her a lot.

Generally speaking, women live longer than men by almost ten years.

Kuldip needs some alone time.

I prepared a surprise for you.

That brand of tequila really packs a wallop.

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She sleeps with two pillows.

She said that she was a real princess.

Evelyn caught Laurianne goofing off.

Can we talk now?

My computer is connected to a properly grounded outlet.


I'll write to Piotr again.

Wasn't that Sanjeev's idea?

I'm trying to understand why you don't want to live with us.

My train leaves at seven, arriving in Tokyo at nine.

You're not really a teacher, are you?

They look bored.

They boy and the girl felt awkward after they confessed their love for each other.


There are still many things left to learn about the human brain.

I hope your mom personally saw the places that I showed in the photos.

Some people still do it, even if we tell them not to.

Is that what people do?

I haven't noticed Izchak doing that.

Teresa is a Portuguese name.

Alejandro took these pictures himself.

We want it to be a surprise.

Manolis has done what we expected him to do.

I won't do it again.

I wish I could be more spontaneous.


I'll call on you on Sunday.

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He wouldn't give you anything.

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He cut the meat with a knife.

Maybe Rolfe will change his mind.

He drew an apple.

Nicolo climbed into bed.

We took turns driving.

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I like sleeping.

Corey was asleep on the couch, snoring loudly.

The tall woman is listening to the brown horse.

If you go straight on, you'll see the cinema after the second street on the left.

In city after city, big public meetings were held.


These politicians want to build a bridge to nowhere.


At last, he found out how to make it.

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That painting is beautiful, and so is this one.

It is true that she is pretty, but she is selfish.

We went on a school trip to Nara.

Send him in.

Are we on time?

Please shuffle the cards.

Some members agree with us, some don't, and others haven't expressed their opinions.

Nobody will ever replace you.

I'll help you pack.

When I got home, I was very hungry.

Do you burn dead leaves in your backyard?

Mother applied the medicine to the sore on my knee.

Sandeep plays poker with his friends every Monday evening.

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She is babbling with happiness.

Our cat is in the kitchen.

See it's simple, either I am right or you are wrong.


Mysore looked into the box.

Gill turned the chair upside down.

Why are you clearing the garden?

The children in the house stood round the stove; for they wanted to see the paper burn.

Some are moderate; some are radical.

Who do you know in Boston?

Ethan stopped and stared at Brandy.


Police pressed Heinrich to talk.


There is a bench on the balcony.

It didn't have to be like this.

Many people have a dream.

Why would I kill your dog?

I need a laptop.

I'll send a message to him.

There was a sudden change in the situation.

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You shouldn't make light of a headache.


I just like to daydream.


Anatoly knows that it's dangerous to play with scissors.

Guido has been singing a lot of sad songs recently.

He is, without question, the best man for the job.

"That's awesome!" "You think so?"

I told the truth.

She is a big eater.

He's a little slow on the uptake.

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The bullet cut through an artery.

Metin was in the streetcar.

I may have a solution.


Tanya looks pretty proud of himself.

I meet him on occasions at the club or at the golf links.

I love you more than I can say.

Include me in your plans.

I am as happy as can be.

As you're starting from scratch you might as well have gone for a major makeover...

You ought to blame yourself, not the others, for the failure.

Sanjay always tries to do what he thinks is right.

Why am I going?

This law applies to everybody.

He's very timid.

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Takeshi is always bossed around by his sisters.


Joni says it was all your idea.


Produced to strict organic standards.


Who is working at the meeting room?

He stood godfather to my first son.

I never can tell Bill from his brother.


Move along, please!


We're in good condition.

Manuel is getting better at that.

Only two Texans were killed.

It's all a matter of semantics.

Edward doesn't tend to get emotional.

He appreciates his parents' love.

My brother swims well.

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I tried to get them to help us.


Kate didn't recognize her.


I only want to help him.

I expect Lewis back shortly.

There are survivors.

I've worked with her.

The Supreme Court is located near the Imperial Palace.

I knew they would say something about this sentence.

Perhaps you could point us in the right direction.


I see the similarities.

Avery went ballistic.

If you whip the cream with sugar in it then it will take longer before it becomes thick.

We look on her as a loose woman.

Sundar still seems concerned.

I am fed up with this wet weather.

It's obvious that Murat is just pretending to be asleep.


While the daughters of the Viking invaders were brought up by their English mothers and learned to speak good English, the little boys ran along with their father picking up his less than grammatical English, as a result of which, to this day, poor grammar is associated with masculinity in the Anglo-Saxon world.

That is your reasoning.

Harbin is very cold.

Would you mind if I used your car?

Olson deserves to go to jail.


I want everything back to the way it was.

Jeremy, who was always early, was there already.

He met his friend while bathing in the sea.

She wore a sweater that she'd knitted herself.

Can it be phrased in another way?

Stacy is the only one who knows how to do this.

We need to speak to her again.

He likes his spaghetti al dente.

Put on a happy face.

Kees didn't ask any questions.

Stop taking things so personally.